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KS-R5304-CNC Profile Machining Center

KS-R5304-CNC Profile Machining Center

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The heavy-duty profile machining center is solely designed and developed in accordance with finish machining production standard in the aluminum profile machining industry. It has the unparalleled super-rigidity of aluminum profile machining center(By adding our special punching  heads, it can work as CNC punching machine). It adopts CNC control three-axis linkage, linear, circular and threaded interpolation, as well as string cable continuous high-speed interpolation and automatic tool changer to carry out engraving, milling, drilling, cutting, grooving and other orderly machining and punching on the extra-thick non-ferrous metals ( such as copper,iron and steel, etc.) that require super-strong milling force. This machine is exclusively researched and developed by adopting Japan advanced structure and CNC technology of profile machining center, and all the main control parts,power parts and driver parts are from Japan. 
    The whole machine body is produced by machining center after annealing treatment, which ensures its high stability,high precision and high  efficiency, through innovative design of many work areas, it allows operation in one work area while loading and unloading workpiece in another  work area , also allows different operation in different work areas. 
   The Turret tool magazine is equipped with 12 tool positions,it adopts mechanical positioning tool change, it can change tools very quickly and  precisely without repeat tolerance.
Model and standard parameter
Maximum machining length:
Work area
Single work area
Double work areas
Double work areas
Maximum machining width:
Maximum machining height:
Power of spindle:
Tool shank:
BT 30
Rotating speed of spindle:
Tool magazine capacity:
12 tools
Tool change time:
X-axis speed and drive:
60m/min, Japan Servo Motor, German rack and pinion, linear guide
Y-axis speed and drive:
30m/min, Japan Servo Motor, ball bearing screw and linear guide
Z-axis speed and drive:
20m/min, Japan Servo Motor, ball bearing screw and linear guide
Repositioning accuracy
Spindle and tool change system
Oil cooling
CNC System:
GERMAN KINGSKY Profile Professional Software
Tool detection
Automatic measurement of tool length/ automatic tool sensor
Security, protection, environment-friendly and humanizing device
Photoelectric protection in operation, milling scrap recycling bin, movable feeding table
Dimension (L × W × H)
Optional functions and devices
Environment-friendly device
Electrically-driven milling scrap recycling transmission belt
Installation of rotary C-axis
The workpiece can realize machining of three sides for one-time clamping,   -90 degrees to 90 degrees, the minimum setting angle: 0.5 degree, accuracy ± 0.1 degree.
Clamping work platform (10 sets)
4 set/6 set/8 set
Tool accessories
BT 40 tool bit/ Clamps / Tool
Machine weight

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