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KS-J126S-CNC Large-scale Multi-angle single head saw

KS-J126S-CNC Large-scale Multi-angle single head saw


Adopting mature German design concept and application of the latest operation requirements and practices, it is developed for cutting large aluminum industrial material, profile for doors and windows and curtain walls, it can also be used for angle cutting. Equipped with German24’’ hard alloy saw blades, imported guide rail, high linear velocity, automatic oil spray lubrication cooling device and hydrau-pneumatic damper stepless speed regulation, this machine can realize good surface finish, high precision and stable feeding with high strength and excellent stability.   
CNC Large-scale Multi-angle single head saw is our solely developed machine, it can be arbitrarily rotated and positioned at any angle between 22.5° -135°, This machine can meet cutting larger, very large industrial profiles at various angles. With imported integrated PLC system, this machine can realize simple operation with the functions of automatic detection and diagnosis and the features of high circuit stability, wide applicability of operating environment, remote maintenance, upgrading. The overall indicator of the whole machine has reached the international first class standard.

Models and parameters
KS-J126S CNC Large-scale Multi-angle single head saw
Scope of cutting angle
Angle control mode
CNC Rotation
Processing rang(H x W)
Cutting accuracy of length
Cutting accuracy of angle
Blade size
Saw feeding \ returning speed
Feeding 0-3m/min   Returning 2-3m/min
Rotating speed of main motor
Power of main motor
Working air pressure/voltage
0.6-0.8MPa/380V Three-phase 50Hz
Dimension (L × W × H)
8000×2100×1700 mm
Machine weight
Optional device
Clamps, positioning templates, configuration bracket, Dust collector, spare tools, Digital display and CNC configuration bracket.

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