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KS-J8S271S-CNC Auto-feeding Double Mitre Saw

KS-J8S271S-CNC Auto-feeding Double Mitre Saw


The machine is developed by adopting mature German design concept and the latest application requirements and practices. This machine is one of our featured models. It is also the best-appraised double-headed saw in the markets, which can complete pre-cut and cutting in an angle of aluminum alloy and PVC profile mostly stably and therefore widely used.
By adopting arm-waving type feeding, the golden cutting angle formed by the tool and profile has unmatched advantages for its stability and durability, smoothness and accuracy of cutting than other similar machines of different structures. Equipped with German carbide saw blades, imported guide rail, the main parts are cast with seamless connection; and installed with hydro-pneumatic damper stepless speed regulation, automatic oil injecting (mist) lubrication cooling device, this machine has the features of high strength, precise cutting and superior stability. With imported computer (PLC) integrated program control, this machine can realize automatic detection, diagnosis, remote maintenance and upgrading functions, high circuit stability, wide applicability of operating environment; clear interface, simple operation. The overall indicator of the whole machine has reached the international first class.

KS-J8S271S  CNC Auto-feeding Double Mitre Saw
Control mode of angle and length
Precision of cutting length
Automatic feeding function
Yes, and have multi-length auto-feeding cutting function
Maximum cutting length of one-time feeding
Automatic feeding mode
CNC servo feeding
Feeding and cutting mode
Can set to get repeated equal length or different length feeding
Max. Processing range (W×H)
Swing angle of electric control
45°,  90°
Rotating speed of main motor
Power of main motor
Saw blade feeding \ returning speed
Feeding 0-3m/min   Returning 2-3m/min
Blade Size
Ф500×Ф30×4.1/4.4 ×120T
Working air pressure / voltage
0.6-0.8MPa/380V 50Hz
Dimension (L × W × H)
5800×1120×1500 mm
Effective cutting length
420~4500mm,Can be customized according to customer requirements
Machine weight
2800 kg
Optional devices and functions
setting, tools, positioning template, D configuration bracket: can cut many profiles at 90 degrees

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