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KS-4M0806S-CNC Four Corner Crimping Machine

KS-4M0806S-CNC Four Corner Crimping Machine

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Digital display Corner Crimping machine is designed and developed by adopting mature German classic structure in combination with our company’s many years experience and accumulation. Batch jobs can be realized only through measuring angle size, thickness of material to adjust positioning plate to digital display bit, which solves some complicated problems, such as frequent adjusting and positioning before corner crimping, the waste of huge human resources, and knife test of sectional bar.
CNC four-head vertical corner crimping machine is used for top-grade aluminum alloy door and window, which is developed by our company by adopting Italian technology. The riveting connection of four corners cam be completed through the automatic pre-tightening of four-angle moment of servo system.
The entire machine is made and processed by machining centre after the anneal treatment to ensure the highest rigidity and stability and precision. Tightening device can move back and force, and the adjustment of angle-grouping tool can be adjusted conveniently in different directions; Equipped with German carbide saw blades, imported guide rail, lead screw; and installed with gas-liquid damper stepless speed regulation, automatic oil injecting (mist) lubrication cooling device, this machine is firm and durable with precise positioning, operational sensitivity and superior stability. With the control software jointly developed with international famous enterprises, it can realize automatic detection, diagnosis, remote maintenance, upgrading functions, and it has wide applicability of operating environment with circuit stability; clear interface, simple operation, high production efficiency.    
Model and parameter
  CNC Four Corner Crimping Machine
Power of oil pump motor
Rated pressure of oil pump
Maximum working travel
Maximum size of frame
Minimum size of frame
Working Mode
Pre-tight by servo detection, then hydraulic crimping
Overall Dimension
Machine Weight
Working air pressure
Working voltage
380VAC 50HZ
Optional device
spare tool

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